We hold a special place in our hearts for people who long to develop their artistic abilities during their Next Chapter and, in stark contrast, those who suffer the ravages of dementia and Alzheimer's disease--perhaps, one of our greatest fears about aging and the end of life.

To support these two worthy causes, we set aside 5% of all annual proceeds to help emerging artists, artisans, writers, and makers to follow their dreams.  We donate an additional 5% of all proceeds to the American Alzheimer’s Association.

Forms of artistic support:

  • Current:  3 annual Editor's Prizes for Best Writing, Best Photo Essay, and Best Visual Art Gallery accepted for publication in Boomalally Bzine ($200 for each prize)
  • Future:  Scholarships, fellowships, and grants to attend weekend or weeklong classes or retreats in desired areas of artistic expression

Interested in Helping Us Support a Working Artist, Artisan, Writer, or Maker via a Scholarship, Fellowship, or Grant?