Boomalally Hits “Delete” on Facebook


How are you handling Facebook’s current Privacy conundrum?

On March 30, we decided to hit the “delete” button. We did so with a lot of sadness. Facebook is where Boomalally Nation was born. However, we lost trust in the company when they failed to protect the private data of 50 million customers. You still may see our landing page and group posts from now until April 13, since Facebook gives us 14 days to change our minds. However, we’re no longer posting content.

Rather than rushing into another social media platform, we’re planning to use the time wisely between now and July 1 (our official launch date) to create great content for you in Boomalally magazine. We haven’t given up on Facebook forever. We’re just not going back until the company changes its business practices and makes privacy protection a top priority.

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